Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hometalk- the new Pinterest?

I first discovered Hometalk by opening a link in Pinterest. The first couple times it happened I just closed the link thinking: What is this?! Some kind of spam? When it happened a third time I started looking around the site.

I immediately loved it! So much like Pinterest but yet so different at the same time! Real people post and discuss projects they have done and DIY issues they want help with. No recipes, jokes or baby stuff, just simply, home talk.

Don't get me wrong I still LOVE Pinterest (I could easily blow half a day on there). It has always been my go to for inspiration DIY. So, so many of my projects have been influenced because of an awesome Pin!

Now Hometalk is a GREAT additional go to for all things DIY for me!

I do feel like Hometalk is so much more personal than Pinterest though. With Pinterest you just pin stuff you like and it may or may not link to a blog or website with a tutorial. Some of the Pins are dead ends or linked to stores like Etsy, which is fine, you just have to figure out your own way to make things if you're trying to DIY instead of buying a product.

With Hometalk you can not only see the finished product/project but you can talk to the maker. Usually there is a step by step tutorial right there or you can click on a link to a blog or site and find more info. You can also ask the maker questions or let them know you like what they did.

Not only is Hometalk a great place to get home improvement ideas, but it's a great place to inspire others! I posted a couple of projects on Hometalk and got such great responses it was one of my main motivations to start this blog.

Hometalk has definitely helped my blogging experience, they have featured a couple of my projects: my owl artwork and my heart wreath. This week they are featuring one of my boards: kids wall d├ęcor. This board has given me tons of new ideas for decorating Jackson's room!

If you are a Pinterest fan (who isn't?!) and you have yet to check out Hometalk, just click on the picture of my board below and take a look around!

As Hometalk would say: Happy Hometalking! Hope you find something that will inspire you!


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