Sunday, March 15, 2015

Green Pepper Clover Stamp Fun For Your Wee Bitty One

I figured my wee bitty one, Jackson, would love to do another painting project, (since he's always up for anything artsy) for St Patrick's Day. I found the perfect fun and easy craft on (you guessed it!) Pinterest.

When I first saw a picture of green peppers used as clover stamps I thought, how crafty and cute! I knew it would be the perfect art project for Jackson! One of my favorite examples out of several that I saw was on i heart naptime.
The process is pretty self explanatory but for the wanna be elementary school art teacher in me (high on the list of my dream jobs!) I'll explain for you all how we did it. Here's the supplies we used:

-Green Paint
-Thick paper
-Several green peppers

First we made our favorite super duper easy paint recipe found at one of the best kids artsy sites, Tinkerlab. Here's Jackson helping make the paint. Yes, it's so easy to make a two year old can do it (with a wee bit of help of course).

After we made the paint, I split it up into three shallow bowls wide enough for a green pepper to easily fit in, and used food coloring to make three different color greens.
I then cut three green peppers in half to use as stamps. I had picked out peppers that had the lucky four leaf clover look. You could easily find three leaf clover peppers if you'd prefer that instead.
After preparing the peppers and paint it was up to Jackson to stamp clovers all over the paper. I had to help him a wee bit as the peppers were a bit cumbersome for his tiny two year old hands. He had such a blast and loved stamping and pushing the peppers down on the paper!

The shamrock art looked great all by itself, and for a two year olds artistic ability, totally worthy of front and center fridge, but we decided to spread some luck o' the Irish and give a four leaf clover or two to Jackson's family and friends. We ended up having to do the whole painting project twice, not only because it was loads of fun but because of Jackson's usual terrible two shenanigans he ended up crushing and destroying a few clovers so we didn't have enough to give out to everyone.
So I just pulled the paint out of the fridge and added a splash of water and it worked just as good as the day before. I had also saved the tops of the peppers so he was able to use those the next day. This was such a cheap fun craft, we'll probably try out other fruits and vegetables to use as stamps!

Jackson added all the colors of the rainbow with markers onto the clovers after they were dry and I wrote out how lucky he is to have each person in his life. Hopefully they all receive a wee bit of luck (or at least the little clovers will put a smile on their faces) on St Patty's Day.
When Jackson goes to pass them out he might just give them all a pinch....or a kiss if they're lucky.


  1. Awww, what a peanut! He's so intent on his project! xoxo

  2. What a beautiful project! Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness link party :)


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