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Hop to it: How to make a Spring Easter Bunny Wreath

Last Spring when I was off work for shoulder surgery I got tons and tons of crafty projects done (and some, of course, only half done). I told my friend Mel about some adorable bunny wreaths that I had seen on Pinterest that I wanted to make. As soon as she saw all of them, she wanted to make one too. Here's one of the cute wreaths I showed her at Bubbly Nature Creations.

So we went out to Walmart to buy all the supplies we needed. Walmart actually has a pretty nice craft section and I managed to find everything I needed to make this wreath there. Here's the supplies we used:

  • 2 wreaths (1 small for the head and 1 larger for the body)
  • floral wire
  • glue gun
  • plastic eggs
  • ribbon (I used a few different kinds)
  • Spanish moss
  • flower clip for the side of the bunny's ear
I made a wreath for my front door and as soon as my Mother in law saw it she oohed and aahed her love over it so much that I made her one of her own. Since I made these wreaths before I started this blog I decided to make another one so I could give everyone a tutorial on how I made these adorable bunny wreaths.

Here's a pic of my wreath:

And here's a picture of my Mother in law's:
Both wreaths have weathered out last spring and this spring very well. They are both on covered porches but it's very windy and rainy and the weather can change from 30's and snow to 70's and sunny during the course of a couple days during spring in the Midwest, so I'm pretty impressed by my homemade wreaths.

My tutorial is on a mini version of the two I made last year. A baby bunny wreath to hang in my house for a cute Easter decoration inside my display frame.

I gathered up two small wreaths. I had one in my stash and purchased the smaller wreath for $2 at Walmart along with some sparkley eggs for $1.49. I went ahead and brought out all my supplies so they'd be right in front of me. I already had all the ribbon, Spanish moss and floral wire leftover from last years bunny wreaths.
First I wound the two wreaths (head and body) together with floral wire.
You just loop the wire through parts of the grapevine on each wreath and twist to make a knot when done. Use as much as you want to make sure the two wreaths are secure. I used three strands on this wreath. It doesn't have to look pretty since no one will see it.

Next, flip the wreath so it is facing up and hot glue your eggs on.
I tried to lay the eggs out in a pattern that I liked and then proceeded with gluing them on. They don't always stay in place(they like to roll right off) but just to get a general idea I like to lay them out. If you don't like how one looks, it easily pulls off and can be re-glued and repositioned.
After the eggs were all glued on I put the ears on. I used floral wire bent in half. Since I was making a baby bunny I cut the ears a little shorter with wire cutters.
To put the ears on I simply shoved the wires into the grapevine wreath where they looked good and squeezed a generous amount of hot glue onto the wire and wreath to hold them in place. Since I used wire I can reposition and bend the ears as much as I want to get the desired ear look I want.
Here's a view of how the hot glue holds the ears in place. At this point I hung the wreath up on a doorknob to make it easier to do the final steps and to see exactly how everything will look upon completion.
After the ears are on I clipped the flower clip onto the wreath right next to one of the ears and started hot gluing Spanish moss all over the wreath. I find this helps to soften the wreath and make it look more like a furry rabbit. It also helps to blend the wreath with the ears since I cover the wire ears with hot glued Spanish moss and leaves and twigs that have fallen off the wreath during the whole process (lots and lots of "stuff" falls off the wreath while you make it, so have your broom handy!).
To do the ears I simply wrapped them with Spanish moss and hot glued it to the wire. I also glued sticks and leaves from the actual wreath (if you don't have enough you can break some twigs off the wreath in an inconspicuous area) to make the ears look like they belonged on the wreath.
 After all the Spanish moss gluing I tied a pretty ribbon around the rabbit's neck. I used three different sparkly ribbons (oh, how I love sparkles). I also found some tiny sparkly eggs at Salvo so I glued one of those in the middle of the flower clip to make it pop.

Here's the huge mess I had to clean up after making this wreath. Jackson somehow inherited all the leftover eggs (he brought them all to me to "help"). This is definitely one of the messiest wreaths I've made, but it's still not even half as messy as the first one I made. Mel and I decided we would make our own sparkly eggs so we hand painted all our eggs and then sprinkled glitter on them...Not one of our best ideas and needless to say I was finding and cleaning up glitter for weeks after that.
This bunny wreath is however very cheap to make. Each one cost me less than $10. The last one being the cheapest since I already had most of the supplies. The bag of Spanish moss lasted through all three wreaths as did my roll of polka dot green ribbon.

Here's another pic of the finished baby bunny wreath:
You all better hop to it and make this easy, adorable Easter Bunny wreath since Easter is only a week away!! Wow, where did the time go?



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