Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Before and After Tour of the Lower Unit in the Grey Apartment Building

I've been meaning to do a tour post on one of the apartments for quite some time now. Actually pretty much since I started blogging as you can see in my About Me and in my first post where I write all about why I decided to start a blog. 

Well there's no time like the present and better late than never is what I'm telling myself now as I type this. I also have come to realize I have done absolutely no posts on anything apartment related at all. Shame on me, really. That was one of my main reasons for starting a blog in the first place, to document all the progress and DIY projects from the apartments so we could have pictures and information that we may forget over time and to be able to look back on all the good, bad and ugly (and of course pretty too!).

I realize these pictures are not recent, as you will see in some of the photos ;).  However I still want to put tours of all of our apartments up on the blog so not only will we have a catalogue of sorts of finished apartments (until one needs to be updated once again!) but so I can show you all our DIY renovation progress throughout the years :).

So I mustered up the courage to look through 20 SD cards full of thousands of pictures to find as many before and after shots as I could so I could finally get an apartment post up. This could be the reason why I haven't written one yet. Although I love reminiscing and looking at photos, it is a lot of timely work.

So enough about me hanging my head in shame and on with a before and after tour of the lower unit in the grey apartment building.
I found this photo of the front of the grey apartment during a typical snowy Illinois winter. While we complain about the end of summer heat, and say how we can't wait for fall "hoodie" weather (I am not included in this, I prefer the heat of the sun beating down on my soul), this beautiful scene awaits us in just a few short months...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

DIY Simply Sweet Hanging Birdcage Planter

Before I begin I must confess to some extreme summer blog slacking on my part these past few weeks. But in my defense we finally had a heat wave here in Illinois along with a couple sunshine filled weeks during this oh so rainy summer. So what's a girl/mom to do on her days off but go to the zoo, swim, boat, fish, you get the picture. Pretty much as many outdoor fun-filled summer adventures we can cram into this nice weather while it lasts.

That doesn't leave me much spare time to work on projects, much less blog about them. Although my numerous, half finished projects (that are patiently waiting for me to finish, and blog about) are always on the back of my mind ;). With that being said, on to my post:

Are you guys tired of my birdcage obsession yet? I hope not because here's another DIY up-cycled birdcage project :)!

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