Tuesday, May 10, 2016

3 Easy DIY Boxwood Wreaths for about $2 a piece

Lately I keep seeing all these simple and sweet boxwood wreaths populating front doors, walls and windows on my Instagram feed. The more I saw them, the more I wanted two or three (I'm an overachiever, what can I say?) of my own to disperse throughout my home.

Of course since I'm such an avid wreath DIYer I decided to make my own. It also helped that the previous owners of my house planted 14 boxwood bushes in the front yard ;). Score! So I already had most of my supplies for free right there.  

I did a little bit of research and found a cute blog post from Newly Woodwards that confirmed that the wreath making ideas I had brewing were spot on. It also made it so much easier since I already had everything I needed right at home!

Supplies for making a super simple boxwood wreath:

  • boxwood (bushes) sprigs
  • scissors
  • grapevine wreath
  • hot glue gun
  • ribbon for decoration

I gathered my shears and a bag and headed out to the yard to snip some boxwood sprigs. I only cut sprigs from one bush and it barely made a dent. Obviously we have some pruning to do or about 85 wreaths to make ;)...

When my bag was pretty full I headed to the backyard to make my wreaths on our patio table since it was such a nice spring day. I gathered up my glue gun and 3 wreaths that I had bought from Salvation Army for 79 cents on up to a whopping $1.49. I always scope out the wreaths when I'm at Salvo so I can add to my collection since you never know when I'll need a wreath!

After I ripped all the hard work off the wreaths that someone else had so lovingly done (I'm such a cruel, cruel girl ;) I got started. First I pulled a sprig out of the bag and inserted it under the vines on the grapevine wreath so that it lay flat against the wreath but was also snuggly in place.

I kept inserting sprigs all around the wreath, making sure they were all facing the same way.

I continued to do this until the wreath was covered up all the way around.

I prefer a cleaner looking wreath so that's where the glue gun comes in. If you are OK with the sprigs sticking out a little and not laying flat on top of each other, then you can skip this next step. When you are fairly satisfied with how much greenery is on your wreath grab your glue gun and start gluing down those stray sprigs that are sticking out all willy nilly. You can always add more sprigs until you get your desired look.

After I had glued all the stray sprigs I grabbed a spool of burlap ribbon that I had in my craft stash that had cost me around $2 and made a hanger and two bows for the larger wreaths. For the smaller wreath I used some off white satin ribbon and hung it off my upper cabinet door.

Here's a few pictures of the finished wreaths.

These wreaths bring just the right touch of greenery to my house. I really do love how each one turned out and that they were so easy and affordable to make!

Now I'm off to go work on more projects (including finishing that pesky bathroom up soon!)




  1. How long will this wreath stay green? I wrote a lengthier comment but it got lost, so I’ve shortened it a lot. 🙂. Thanks!

    1. The wreaths stay green about a year, year and a half. I just rip the old sprigs off and glue new ones on when that happens.


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