Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bigger Family, Bigger DIY Plans

Hey there strangers 🙂. I feel like it's been a year since I've written a post! I guess it's only been around 6 months, which is close enough 😉. Let me tell you, this pregnancy really kicked my butt. With working full time, family festivities, being sick everyday, all day, and with little to no energy left after the first two activities, I was lucky to even make a dent in the multiple projects I wanted to finish. We'll just call this break from the blog my baby sabbatical 😉. Thankfully now that the worst is over I'm slowly getting back to DIYing 😊.

After 6 months of complete and total silence I figure I should share with you all the reason I've been MIA ☺️. Here she is, our beautiful 6 pound 3 ounce bundle of joy, Brynlee Annelise. She arrived after just three hours of labor on October 25.

The similarities between my labor and deliveries with Jackson and Brynlee are crazy! Had they not changed my due date by two days with Brynlee it would have been the exact same day during my pregnancy with both babies, with my water breaking just an hour later on during the night with Brynlee. My labor was cut in half to just 3 (more painful) hours. And then to top it off when our princess finally arrived we noticed she looked exactly the same as newborn baby Jackson.

Newborn pictures of Jackson on the left and Brynlee on the right.

Jackson has turned out to be a very sweet, caring big brother. We are truly blessed. Though he has had typical tantrums and issues I'm sure all children have when they're used to being the one and only child. 

I'm not going to lie and say this newborn time has been all sunshine and daisies, quite the opposite in fact. My muffin is a colicky little thing so I spent 95% of my maternity leave on the couch nursing her since that was the one and only thing that seemed to make her happy.

Our first family of four photo taken on Halloween.

Silly me I had made tentative "big" plans of getting some projects crossed of the to do list while I had time off. I completely forgot what it was like to have a newborn, and I certainly didn't account for a colicky baby and a monster/preschooler that wanted to test me on all levels and was winning by 1,000 points.

It took me an entire month alone to put up all of our Christmas decorations because little Miss insisted on being a part of every aspect of my life.

Of course we are teaching our children how to properly use tools because we hope to make our DIY projects a family affair.

While I was spending all my time being chained to the couch, I watched more than 143 episodes of the Gilmore Girls, the Star Wars series (for the first time ever ha ha) and numerous other series and shows that I've been meaning to catch up on. I also went over my to do list, one of my projects even involves the couch I spent so much time on 😉. I can't wait to dive into that one!

 Brynlee finally seems to be getting over her colic now that I'm going back to work and she actually let me paint Jackson's new room. Baby steps literally.

Don't get me wrong though, while I love doing projects, I love raising my family even more, no matter how tedious, exhausting or frustrating. So all those long hours spent with my baby were moments I will treasure for the rest of my life. 

During this baby sabbatical even with my projects and posting on my blog suffering, I knew you all would still be here when I finally came back, hopefully eager to see what I have cooking eh hemm 😉. Soo here's my to do list in no particular order:

  • Jackson's big boy room
  • Brynlee's room
  • Entryway makeover
  • Command Center
  • Dog Kennel Project
  • Couch Project
  • Continued Kitchen Cabinet Projects
  • Dining Room Makeover
  • Finally finish the kid's Bathroom

Of course most of these projects have many tutorials that go into them so all of these will take me quiet a while to finish. I'll also have other crafty tutorials and apartment posts that I will throw in the mix since I'm always thinking up new ways to decorate our home and Cory's constantly renovating the apartments.

Well I'm off to start working on the next big thing that will be coming up on the blog soon!



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