Sunday, April 18, 2021

Switching my Email Provider to

 Hey all! I'm just writing a quick post to my email subscribers. My current email subscriber service (Feedburner) is going to stop providing this feature so I've switched to so that my subscribers can still receive emails when I post. If you are a subscriber you should have received an email from on April 16 regarding your subscription to Thrifty Artsy Girl. If you would like to still receive emails from Thrifty Artsy Girl (and I hope you do!) you just need to open the email from and confirm that you still want to receive content from me 😀. guarantees that followers will not receive any unwanted emails (spam), you will only receive emails from who you've subscribed to, and they do not sell information to third parties. I'm very excited to use them to deliver my content to you!

I'll be deleting the Feedburner service after this post goes live so if you don't confirm you would still like to receive content from Thrifty Artsy Girl on the email this will be the last email from me that you will receive. I hope that you all will continue to follow me and my thrifty DIY adventures! 

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