Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Owl-trageously Cute Kids Bathroom

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About a year and a half ago I was desperately wanting to decorate my son's bathroom. No one EVER used that bathroom until he came along so it was white and completely boring. I spend a lot of time in that bathroom. Baby's take A LOT of baths. I was so tired of feeling like I was in a hospital bathroom I would've fallen asleep and endangered my son if I waited any longer! Ok, maybe not but it needed to change!
The bathroom wasn't quite this bad with new drywall, but it was still boring and blah white!

So I started scouring the Internet like I always do when I'm looking for something new and I stumbled upon a super adorable complete owl bathroom set for around $80 on Lakeside. It included a shower curtain, owl curtain hooks, an owl rug, a couple hand towels, soap dispenser and a toothbrush holder. I put everything up and painted the bathroom a couple months later. This was the first "project" I had attempted since Jackson was born.

I put Jackson in his babysitter/excersaucer while I painted

The bathroom still needed art work and I wanted to keep with the owl theme and not spend a lot of $$ so I painted my own artwork about 6 months ago. I copied the more masculine owls and even though Jackson can't read yet I put some bathroom sayings relevant to children on them with acrylic paint pens. I just wanna say Thank You so much to whoever came up with those genius pens. I struggled and swore and painted over the sayings tried to write out the sayings with a skinny brush and they were looking like such a hot mess that I set the paintings aside for months debating on whether I should scrap the whole thing!
I picked up more cute owl stuff at Target, like the tub toy holder 

I'm not quite done with this bathroom. As you can see I still have an ugly construction grade honey oak vanity and woodwork. So one of my next projects will be painting them.  I for sure want to paint the woodwork and door white but I'm kinda torn between painting the vanity and framing the mirror in black or white or even a darker teal??? What do you think?

Whoo are you looking at?

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  1. I love this room. You did a good job.

  2. Thanks mom :) Someday I'll actually finish it!

  3. You made the art?!
    I find your bathroom super adorable and I pinned it.

    Maybe make a post about your owl art with full detail? ;)

  4. ThanksTwo PlusCute! This was my first "real" post to my blog and since I had already made the owl paintings I didn't really focus the entire post about them. I will probably edit this post in the future to showcase them more since your suggestion is a great one! Thanks so much for looking and pinning :)


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