Friday, January 30, 2015

Do you want to build a snowman? A snowman wreath that is!

Even though winter is almost over (not really, but it kinda feels that way since February is right around the corner) I still wanted to make a "winter" wreath for my front door. A while ago I was perusing Pinterest and saw a super cute snowman wreath. I knew immediately I had to make one!! It was cute and unique and screamed winter.

Being my thrifty self, I always snatch any wreaths up at that I find at thrift stores. I know I'll use them since I've started making all my own wreaths. Wreaths are just so crazy expensive. Plain old naked ones at the big box stores are decently priced, around $5 for a big one but you can still get a better deal at thrift stores.

I have always found bargains on wreaths at thrift stores but I think I got ripped off the other day at a local salvo. That cashier drove a hard bargain on some stickerless wreaths, $6 for 4. I think I pissed her off by staring at the wrong eye. I've been told when someone has a lazy eye you're supposed to look at the eye that's looking straight ahead but I get confused, or fascinated, I'm not sure which one, and I always find myself glancing at the other eye, it's like a trainwreck. I have to look. True story.

I did however get a great deal on 2 of the wreaths for my snowman 59 cents and 29 cents respectively, at a different salvo. I had to stop at Wally World (walmart) for the biggest wreath which I think was about $3.59. I also picked up some white spray paint for a couple bucks.

So I gathered up my wreaths,

and took them to the basement to spray paint. I put them in a box and started spraying away. It didn't seem to be covering well and the nozzle kept getting clogged so I just played trivia crack between coats to kill time and it made it an overall pleasant experience. The next morning I flipped the wreaths and it only took 1 coat to cover. It took around 20 for the other side?! I'm no spray paint expert so I just decided last night must've been a fluke.

I took my wreaths and supplies over to my bestie Mel's house to have one of our notorious "craft" days. Jackson usually runs wild spreading toys and chaos all over whatever room we're in (much like at home) while we "craft", this was no exception. We also had free "dance party for one" entertainment from Jackson that day.

I already had all the rest of the supplies I needed for my wreath. So I got started and wired the body together with floral wire.

I then laid out a bunch of cheap white sparkley snowflake ornaments strategically all over his body. I used so many that I now need to replenish my stash for my Christmas mantle. *sigh* 
 I hot glued those puppies on, tied a ribbon around his neck and cut a hat out of felt for his head.
 I put a piece of matching ribbon on the hat along with some glitter for "snow". I then cut some pretty things off another wreath to finish off the hat and give it a more distinguished look.

And there you have it, my finished snowman wreath!
He fits perfectly in the window on the front door
This wreath was relatively easy to make, took about 3 hours overall and cost less than $10. Even if I had to buy everything it would have been maybe $15! Much less than a store bought wreath!

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  1. Cute! My family collect & display Snowmen for Winter so this will be the IDEAL wreath for our front door. Thx for sharing how you did it! 😁


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