Sunday, February 1, 2015

Spooning Leads to Forking...and Maybe Even a Spork or Two: Kitchen Spoon Wall Art

When I finally got around to decorating the walls in my kitchen (it only took 4 years) I wanted something a little personal and, of course, handmade. I try to put something I've made in every room of the house, it just makes me feel good to see my artwork adorning our walls.

I kind of have a chicken theme going on in the kitchen...Who am I kidding, chickens rule the roost! There are so many chickens they're pecking their way out of the woodwork! (Did you see what I did with grammar in that sentence!! I'm a total grammar nazi by the way) I may have gone overboard just a cluck. It was just so over(ly) easy to find chicken stuff for kitchens! Ok I'm done with the chicken s#!@.

So one day I saw the cast iron spoon and fork that I had bought at Hobby Lobby 4 years ago stashed in a cabinet and I hatched an idea (last one, I promise) to make some artwork with spoons. A few weeks before that I was doing an image search for free kitchen printables and saw many different photos of two spoons on a canvas with spooning since (insert year here) written under the spoons. I filed the idea away in my mind thinking, that's cute maybe I'll come back to it.

 At this point I realized I had to do something different since Cory's feathers were ruffled and he was starting to say fowl things about my chickens (now I'm really done). I remembered the spoon pictures I had been inspired by and decided to make one of my own.

Spoons are "kitchen-y" and they aren't chickens!

I used an 8x10 canvas from a pack I got at Michael's and hot glued a big spoon and a little spoon on that I picked up at Walmart. I really wanted mismatched antique looking spoons but every time I looked at salvo they were completely out of spoons. They had tons of forks and knives, go figure. When I find the perfect spoons I'll just pull the cheapo Walmart spoons off since they're only hot glued on.

I then wrote out spooning since 2000 with my new best friend, my acrylic paint marker.

I also bought a cheap black 8x10 frame at Walmart, took the glass out and cut out the back. Then I slipped it right onto the canvas to give it a cleaner, more finished look.

My spoon art looks great with the fork and spoon (that I finally hung!) and my free (free is for me!) printable "eat, pray, love" heart thanks to My Mommy Style. Very "kitchen-y".

I'm as happy as a rooster in a hen house with how it turned out.


  1. Cute idea! Love your post name. Haha!

    Emily @ Elizabeth Joan Designs

  2. How cute! What a fun little project. Thanks for linking up at DIY Wall Art Hop and LInky Party! Hope to see you back soon!

  3. Thanks April :) DIY wall art is one of my favorite projects!


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