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How to Make an Easy DIY Crib Canopy

The next couple of posts I'm sharing are all about DIY nursery decor. My daughters nursery has been done for quite some time (my daughter is 4 now haha) so I figured it was finally time to write the blog posts and show the world. I especially wanted to get them written before I start changing her nursery/toddler room into a big girl room. 

When Brynlee was a baby I took a break from blogging but I still completed many projects. As I touched on in my post Back to Blogging with a Passion I have multiple partially written posts on projects that I have completed the last few years (apparently my DIY ADD also applies to blogging). These next couple nursery decor posts will help me cross them off the list of many that I promised to share.

When I found out we were going to have a baby girl I wanted to go all out with her nursery, complete with lots of pink, a crystal chandelier (see post here), a canopy over the crib and lots of little girly touches. I didn't put up Brynlee's canopy until she was about 10-11 months old but honestly she didn't even sleep in her room during that time (and here come fond memories rushing in of long nights with the bassinet by our bed 😊).

To write this canopy post I need to use old pictures. While I'm really glad that I took pictures of my projects during my blogging sabbatical, it is very time consuming looking through thousands of pictures to find all the different projects and, truthfully, I wasn't in the blogging mindset so I didn't take as many pictures as future me wants to work with. However some pictures are better than none and I'm excited to share the steps and completed canopy with you all!

First things first, I needed something to hang the canopy from. I wanted my canopy to come down the wall instead of a hoop canopy that would hang straight overhead, so that my daughter would be less likely to mess with it. So I went on a search at a couple flea markets the summer before Brynlee was born and one of my main goals was to find a shelf or a fancy metal piece that the canopy could hang from. I got lucky and found the perfect decorative metal shelf for $15! Now that I had my shelf I could start making my canopy!

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Canopy Supplies

-Decorative Shelf
-Spray Paint for shelf *optional (I used Rust-Oleum pink spray paint and Rust-oleum mirror effect)

Since the shelf I found was black and didn't at all match the theme for my daughters room I decided to spray paint it. I wasn't sure if I wanted gold or silver touches in the room so I spray painted the shelf gold. 

I found that I didn't like the gold so I experimented with spray painting Rust-Oleum pink spray paint and then spray painting Rust-Oleum mirror effect over the top. I loved how that turned out so I also spray painted an ornate iron frame that one of our tenants left behind with the same technique and displayed it underneath the shelf. I then purchased a wood B for Brynlee, painted that pink and put glitter on it, then put it inside of the frame. 

After I had finished hanging everything up, it was time to start on the curtains. First I measured the shelf. Then I measured the velcro to the same measurement as the shelf and cut it. Next I folded the sheer to that same measurement. Lastly I stuck the sticky side of the velcro to the sheer and sewed it altogether for added support. You don't have to be a master sewer to sew it together (I know I'm certainly not), it just has to be secure enough to not come apart.

After I had the sheer all sewed up it was time to secure it to the shelf. First I took the opposite side of velcro and stuck it to the inside of the shelf. Then I placed the sheer with the velcro onto the piece of velcro I had just stuck on the shelf. That's it. Pretty easy stuff. 

This is how the canopy looked after I finished assembling it.

I liked how the sheers looked draped on the crib but ultimately I wanted them off the crib and secured to the wall so I purchased some pretty crystal tiebacks.

After I had the tiebacks screwed to the wall I arranged the curtains to my liking. Here's the finished look.

I absolutely love how the crib canopy turned out! It looks just as good with the crib converted to a toddler bed, which is how it is now. Although my daughter has been mentioning a big girl bed so stay tuned for when I switch it out to see how the canopy looks with a regular bed. 

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