Wednesday, May 12, 2021

How to Easily Up Cycle Nursery Wall Decor Using Paint

In this second installment to my daughters nursery I'm going to show you how to easily up cycle wall decor using paint, to bring the entire room together. Nursery wall decor is usually not cheap, especially if you have a theme and you want it all to match. The theme for my daughters nursery includes pinks, light blue and light green, butterflies and birdcages. I didn't stick to just one thing because I didn't want to be limited. I visualized my theme with a design palette in my baby girl announcement/chandelier post:

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I had several wall decor pieces that I bought for my daughters room but they didn't match at all so I took a pillow from her crib bedding and headed to the store to color match it and buy paint samples. I wasn't painting a whole room so the little paint sample tubs would be the perfect amount to paint several projects that would match perfectly.

Here’s the before picture of an initial plaque that I bought at Kirkland's. It really needed a makeover to make it more girly and to flow with Brynlee’s room.

I started by painting the frame dark pink and all the burlap parts the lighter pink that I had purchased.

I then painted the B light green and painted the details on the frame light blue. 

Here's a picture of how the initial plaque turned out. I used every color I bought to give it a one of a kind look that blends perfectly with the theme for the nursery!

I also had purchased a gold ornate mirror at Salvation Army. Since I had decided to put silvery pink accents in the nursery I painted the mirror with the light pink sample paint and then spray painted a very light coat of Rust-Oleum mirror effect over the top.

Here's a picture of the finished mirror with the initial plaque above it. Brynlee loves her mirror and I hung it low enough so that she can look at herself, which she does everyday (she’s such a girly girl).

I also painted four wood crates in each of the color samples for storage of toys, clothes to grow into and costumes in Brynlee's closet. These crates have been super handy and I just love the pops of color that match her room.

I painted some wall decor to go on the wall by the crib as I previously wrote about in my post How to Make an Easy DIY Crib Canopy I painted it pink first and then sprayed Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect over the top to give the pieces a truly unique look.

I also put up some paper pom poms in the corner of the room that I got for free from my sister when she had a baby shower for her baby girl. I didn't paint these but they were free and make great nursery decor that also blends with the color pallet for the room.

This DIY up cycled nursery decor using paint was a super easy DIY. I simply bought paint samples to match the nursery bedding and went to town painting. I love how each piece turned out and Brynlee's nursery has one of a kind decor that can be used for years to come.

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